New advice

Hey i just got some custom graphics...still waiting for my white seat cover from n-style and my black question is...would u do anything with th hubs? like a different color..or leave them? Lets me know your opinion!

pic didn't work, here you go


As for the hubs, I think they look fine as is but you could get both the rim and hub powdercoated black for pretty cheap.

I'd say go with matching pink for the hubs.

yea the seat cover will look awesome, also some after market sprokets could make it looks even better.

Wow sweet

Well, if you can afford it, Pink Hubs, Black Rims, Black Sprocket, Gold RK Chain, White Seat Cover, White (or pink) Pro Taper Bar Pad. :p

yea im gettin a white seat cover...should be here Friday..and i was thinkin bout doing rims black and hubs pink but idk how that would look...maybe too much pink?? its different thats for sure...but thats what i wanted

You already went all out with the pink. Might as well go all the way! As far as pink goes, I'm not a fan but pink hubs will complete the look in the wheel area.

I was messing around on photoshop and Tried your setup with the black rims. IMO, they really don't go with the rest of the bike. I tried it with white rims and it looks great. I also colored a few other things. Hope ya like.


White Hubs, Pink Spokes, Black Rims. :p

wow that looks pretty good...u should photoshop me one with black rims and pink hubs...and spokes that fade from pink to black...idk IMO white rims will be too much white...cuz i have a white seat cover comin too...

black rims, pink hubs and pink nipples on the spokes.

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