Looking for tracks to ride at!

I live near the seattle area and just wondering what are some of the pretty good tracks within a few hours of seattle area.

Toes Mx out in royal city I think.Google it.

Oak harbor MX up in oak harbor is a good one has some huge table tops and some pretty tricky doubles. Plus the owner is really cool. Check out where to ride for directions.

Straddline ORV park West of Olympia WA. Mx track and butts up against the Capitol forest trail system.

Toes Mx out in royal city I think.Google it.


Toes was good fun last Friday...... Me, my son, and maybe one other rider. The track was groomed perfect !! Even fun for an old, slow guy. lol



Burnt Ridge MX is a great place, killer track and great folks... first race in less than 2 weeks

They have a nice website if you want to google them

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