USFS Website Down, Riding Elkins Thursday

since the website for El Dorado National Forest is down, I assume they are

lifting the seasonal closure on the 16th.

As such - I ride:smirk:

I will play the ostrich, head in the sand and not check the website tomorrow.

I do not want anymore bad news, so i will assume it is open!

Plus, it is raining/snowing at my place right now.

No dust, potting soil all the way:thumbsup:

Hope to get a good 60 miler in at least!!!

:lol: What?You mean the forest has closures?I thought you could ride anywhere,anytime!It is public land isn't it!:cry::p:lol: :lol:
:lol: What?You mean the forest has closures?I thought you could ride anywhere,anytime!It is public land isn't it!:cry::p:lol: :lol:

hey GrizzlyFlatter,

let me know next time you are heading out.

Would like to hook up with you on that side of the hill.

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