need info for stock FCR carb settings

I'm waiting for my Clymer manual to arrive by snail mail. In the mean time I'm trying to figure out why my 2001 DRZ is not running right. I bought it used from a guy who didn't ride it much and he said he just had a mechanic go through the Carburetor. The bike starts hard and when it does get warmed up it won't idle, well it will but at a very high rpm. I noticed a couple of times I could get it to drop in idle if I let the clutch out a little. As soon as I bliped the throttle a little it would stick high again. I have the carb off already and I want to check the stock setting my self and clean it as well. Any thing I should be looking for for these symptoms.

What model DRZ? E? and yes, that hanging idle is typical of lean jetting.

stock pilot jet is 45. set the fuel mixture screw out 2.5 turns and try that.

Look for any vacuum leaks and cracked hoses.

Yes its a 400E with a flat side carb

Thanks for the info I'll try the settings you said. If I need parts for the carb can you recommend a good rebuild kit and where to get it.

There are not really any rebuild kits. You just buy individual parts from Suzuki. Some parts you can buy from SUDCO but they have a min order. There are "jet kits". The only one I recommend for the DRZ400E is JD Jetting. Or you can buy individual jets as needed.

Stock settings:

main jet 142. go bigger if the air box and/or the EX is modified. 160 is a good starting place.

pilot jet 45. Usually 45 or 48 works in that carb

Needle OBDXP-4. Move the clip to -5 on the stock needle (from the top)

mixture screw 1.5 turns. set it to 2.5 turns

main air jet 200

Pilot air jet 60

CE air jet 90 If you remove the CE there are various options. PM me if you need more info on that.

Float 9mm +/- 1mm

Check return throttle cable for fray at the carb

Oh yea, And if somebody else has worked on the carb, check to see if the throttle plate is in upside down. As you look into the the carb and raise the slide, light must be in the center. If there is light at the sides of the slide, it is upside down. Also this carb must never be immersed in solvent type carb cleaners. There are non replaceable rubber parts in the assembly that can be damaged by harsh cleaners.

thanks for the help with the stock settings. I adjusted the carb today and found the fuel mixture screw to be set at 1 1/4 turns. I opened it up to stock 2.5 turns and it runs great now. I just have a slight leak in the bowl. I'll torque the screws a little. Thanks agian

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