Little Help, conditions on 20, CB/Greenhorn

Looking to head up for the weekend. Any help with the snow conditions/levels in the are a would be appreciated.

Is this the Northern California Greenhorn you're refering too? Or the one down by Isabella?

If you're refering to the NorCal place it's been shut down.

Wow, shutdown?

We rode from Chaulk Bluff to Greenhorn and did not see any signage this past fall.

this is just a winter closeure will open when snow is gone

ARider, I've been told that everything off of YouBet road has been shut down by order of the land owners and the local authority. ...or are you refering to Burlington Ridge?

yea , i thought he was talking about the burlington ridge area. All the greenhorn area is off limits.

Yup, Bulington Ridge. Thanks for the info

I thought area within highwater mark was public land???

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