ocotillo wells rental

i have some friends that want to go riding with me at ocotillo wells but dont have bikes. i know there is a place to rent on the 78 near ranger station road. does anyone know the name?

I know there is a rental place next to the Blue Inn but I don't have the number. I found a rental place on Google Maps. It's also on the 78 in OW 760-767-4020.

Past this link into your browser and you will see the pic.


I believe there is a rental place by the blue in or maybe by the old desert rose..

I do know that ocotillo off the 8 has crf230's for rent

Dezert Adventures, LLC

1198 N. Imperial Highway

Ocotillo, CA 92259

Office: 760-358-7300

Fax: 801-838-5999

Ocotillo Rentals and Tours

1198 N. Imperial Hwy

Ocotillo, CA 92259

(760) 358-7888

The two share the same location, not sure why (both are active businesses). Not sure on pricing and/or quality and reliabilty of their rentals. In addition to the rental fee, there’s probably a deposit required (I’m guessing, $150+/-).

Just so you know those places are in Ocotillo and not Ocotillo Wells. Two different places very far apart. According to the BluIn website there is a rental place there. Link to the rental place doesn't seem to work. I'd give the BluIn a call: 760-801-7248


add in san diego off road magazine

san diego motorsport rentals...ocototillo wells number


There is all so a place by the old desert rose.I only remember seeing quads there.

thanks. that place by the blu in was exactly what i was looking for

The only thing you can rent onsite in Ocotillo Wells is a quad, or buggy. The guys at the Blu Inn are the same guys down the road at the Ironwoods.

Get-N-Dirty ATV Rental (760)-767-5269 (ask for Tim)

He has a 250 with a broken throttle cable and a 100. They don’t rent bikes anymore, as it’s almost always a guaranteed repair for them. Maybe work a deal with him for the 250?? Your better off getting something outside of OW and bringing it with you, unless your buddies are okay with riding a quad all day.

Friends don't let friends ride quads:bonk:

Found something. San Diego Motorsport’s rents bikes and they have a location off the 78 across the street from the airport in Oco (where My Desert Rose café is/was). The guy’s name is Ron and the owner is Brian. Ron is also the cook at My Desert Rose Café, which is scheduled to be reopen by November. He said they have a few 450’s, 250’s and 230’s. There is a $500 deposit required (ouch). Better to reserve in advance, but can be done same day. They will be shutting down soon, not sure which week. He said it was only in the 70’s yesterday.

Ph (760) 767-4020

(PMO.. that the other business indicated no bike rentals available, what smucks)

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