Cheaper online parts in Canada?

im currently looking for a right side crankcase cover for my 86 CR250R, I havent even checked the dealer yet but i know it's going to be marked up like crazy

does anyone know a good reliable online site to order parts from in CAD dollars?

ive found ones in the states but the conversion is just not worth it, even though it is fairly cheap

ebay is a great source

I think with a 86 you will be lucky to find parts period, honestly try ebay, because if by chance the dealer can get them they will be stupid expensive,

Alot of these guys dont say they will ship to canada but if you ask 8 out of 10 times they will, and if you ship USPS its very reasonable, sometimes they will even send things as a gift and avoid customs and duty all together.

What r some links to Canada:parts

TTT so no good major suppliers in Canada?

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