Fair price on 2004 wr250f

Hello All,

I am looking at a few different WR250Fs and trying to determine what a fair price is for these bikes.

I found an 04 and the seller is asking 3000 but said he would sell it for 2800. No real mods and the bike looks clean and well maintained. Think the seller works for a yami dealer and did not ride it all that much. Bike is somewhat far (about 4 hours one way)

I found an 03 that looks OK, hard to tell from the pictures. Has after market clutch of some sort, trying to get more details on it. Brush guards, etc. No major stuff. He said he rides it a lot. Is including some gear for $2500 (bike is closer (about 3 hours one way)

Found another 03, needs some work (batter, carb) and the number plates. Aftermarket pipe. No lights but wiring is there. Seller was trying to turn it into a YZ250F. $1650 (bike is about 4 hours away).

1st one appears to be the best looking from what I can tell over web.

Thoughts on these?

No comments?

I got a new carryover 07 for $3349.00 on eBay. I think 3 grand on a 5 year old dirt bike is way too much. A motor rebuild will cost you at least $1000 dollars to replace every wear part, and that’s if you do it yourself. On NADA average retail is $2400 for a 04, and that’s from a dealer, so for one that old I would expect to pay more around $2000.

Most of the craig's list pricing I found around the country has 03's going for around 2500 and 04's for around 2900. But those all have some aftermarket goodies added on (Pipe, bark busters, etc.) or gear included.

If I could find a 1-2 year old left over stock for 3300, I would jump on it, but unfortunately, the only one on ebay right now is 3600 and reserve not met.

My guess is that reserve is probably around 5K.

It just does not seem there are many of these bikes out there used for sale. I keep seeing the CRF250X, but given the valve problems on those bikes, I really don't want to mess with it.

So far, those are the only 3 relatively close by. I will keep looking and seeing if I can get these guys down some. Unfortunately, I don't expect them to move too much.

Your problem is your looking to buy when every one else is too, right at the start of the season. If you had looked a couple months ago there were alot of bikes for sell and not very many buyers. I did find this eBay listing though for 2008 WR250Fs for $4600 plus tax which I still thinnk is alot better of a deal than buying one that has 5 years of riding on it for $3000. It is from a dealer in Minnesota though so not really close to you, but I drove 1400 miles and spent $130 on fuel in 26 hours to get my good deal.


That maybe true, I just did not have the money a couple of months ago. I am finding plenty of other bikes, just not a lot of the WR250f's. My guess is that most owners are very happy with them and don't want to part with them. I am also guessing, their production runs may be smaller, don't know.

I checked both NADA and KBB. NADA has the numbers very low while KBB has trade in value of 2300 and dealer retail value of 3200. I am guessing private party value is somewhere in between. That seems to somewhat match what the 04 is going for via Craig's List.

Unforatunatley, 4600 is way outside my available budget. Good deal or not, I just don't have that money set aside. I just had to replace one of my AC units on my house at over $5K...living in Texas, that was a must with summer coming on.

I hate paying that much for a bike so I will probably just keep looking. While I am eager to get a bike, I am not time limited so I can wait if I must.

Yeah....a bit high. I've been looking for one for my son recently in my area and had found an 06' for $28K and an 07' for 32K, both ridden only a few times. There's better deals out there. Just be patient and keep looking. Also, when looking at Craigslist, you kind of have to look at the entire motorcycle want adds as people tend to list their bikes with strange titles that don't always show up in a search. Once you've looked at the entire motorcyle page for a few days it'll be easy to just look at the current day's adds to see if there's something new. You'll find one.

Go to your local yamaha dealer they have rebates on 08 yz's of $750. I've seen them on cycle trader for as low as 4k brand new

When did you find that eBay deal?

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