Need some help

i have been building a 2000 125 that i got in crates from a friend..

im having trouble on trying to figure out how the wiring harness is hooked up to the frame..does anyone have any pictures to show where everything goes..

the bike came with a "power Band Pipe" thats what is stamped on the side..and on the bottom of the head pipe their is a mount how does it mount to frame theirs like a 2 or 4 inch gap between the to?

Any help is greatly appreciated

wheres does the cdi mount in the frame? i dont see any mounts or anything

wheres does the cdi mount in the frame? i dont see any mounts or anything

It mounts to the front of the steering neck behind the number plate. The CDI should be in a rubber cover that then slides onto a flat hook on the front.

theres no mounts by the neck anywhere thats why im confused

Interesting, according to the parts manual it looks like it just mounts to the underside of the center frame rail with a zip tie....


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