Lost 3rd gear 07 YZF450

Looks like 3rd gear is gone in my trans, bike jerks and makes nasty noise when shifted into it. I'm going to make this my first effort on a 4 stroke after having done many 2 smokers over the years.

Couple of questions someone might be able to help with on this bike. Do I need to remove the stator if the crank isn't going to be removed, looks like I can access everything in the trans from the right side and I don't have a puller for the stator. Are there any case bolts under the stator that would prevent this?

The top end was just done about 20 hrs ago including the timing chain so I don't think I need to remove much from the left side. Am I on the right track or just getting lazy!

the stator is attached to the ignition cover, not the crank. it's the flywheel you might have to pull, but the tool is only about $20 or so for that

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