08 450xcrw Setup For A Heavy Rider

Just picked up a new 08 KTM 450XCRW. I weigh right around 300 w/o gear. I am a fast c rider that only rides woods(HS's and Enduros). I know that I need a complete revalve but I can not afford it right now, just having paid cash for the bike. Could I just put in heavier springs for a few months till I get up some cash to do the revalve? Also what springs do I run. I have used the race tech calculator and they don't have anything close to what i need. I have heard that I should not run the progressive springs do to the availible rates not being high enough. I may just need to run a straight rate. Any help??:p

I tried race tech chart and the springs they recommended were to soft I am about your size.I found a place here in michigan called tech-care suspension in waterford mi. and they were able to set me up did a great job on mine they had the heavy springs in stock.

good luck

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