Need A Good Welding Shop - LA Area

Anyone recommend a good welding shop hopefully near the San Fernando Valley? I've got a couple smallish things that need repaired. Skid Plate that split a weld, Steering stop on the lower tripple clamp sheared off, kickstand reinforcement, etc. Any help is appreciated!

I know a place in Canyon Country Canyon Welding (Charlie) that doe's a good job. I use to go to a place in the Valley over by Roscoe and Haskell I can't remember the name if I think of it I'll let you know

Hey Greg - I've got a good guy that does NASA spec welding for cheap, but he's down here in my neck of the woods so :lol:

by the way, what up sucka? :p

The welding works in northridge. I will get the number in the morning. They welded my case when i cracked and did a damn good job!

The Welding Works on parthenia.

818-701-0504 talk to marshall

Hey Greg - I've got a good guy that does NASA spec welding for cheap, but he's down here in my neck of the woods so :lol:

by the way, what up sucka? :p

Would your neck of the woods be South America or South California?Because if you're back in the States,the Rovers race this weekend is gonna be a good one.

Glad to see this thread, as it may be helpful to me. I smashed my radiator in with a head on and went to put on my new radiator and discovered I actually bent the bracket that is welded to the bike. I cant screw on the radiator or guard now the bracket and threading is facing forward. I was thinking of pounding it back but then thought it might be better having a welder heat it up and try and bend it back. Also my vin numbers sit right below this bracket. I know if I try it I may screw it up more. I cant believe this head on smashed in my Flatlander guard, radiator and bent the steel bracket! So Im thinking one of these guys recommended in this thread can help me. They are near by too. Thanks for the thread Valk!

In the mean time Im Jenny Rigging it and riding this weekend:banana:

I went to Welding Works yesterday. They did me right and make quick work of my few projects. Had to leave them there for a couple hours but really can't expect things like this to be done while you wait. I figure same day is pretty darn good! :p

Ya they are good guys. The owner Marshall is an ex dez racer.

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