axle spacer issue

When I installed my Trail Tech Vector computer, I opted to remove the stock gear/cog drive housing at the axle. Xr's Only offers a spacer and seal to install in it's place to protect the cogs in the hub. I have been noticing that there has been an intermittent squealing sound coming from the front wheel. First I suspected the brake but did not stop when I pulled the lever. Today I rode a few miles and it got so loud I had to turn back. Upon removal of the front wheel and axle, I noticed the aluminum spacer was rubbing/grinding on the 'step' in the axle. I greased everything and reinsalled and no more squeal. Has anyone else had this problem? Am I missing something obvious? When riding, the aluminum spacer spins with the wheel, is this right? Dont mind greasing but there is no protection for this area to keep the grease clean.

i don't have the xr's only spacer your talking about, but i've never seen a spacer that spins with the wheel or on the axle. if you got grinding, something is wrong.


I made my own spacer and replaced the seal with a new one that has a smaller ID so not sure about the XR only one.

As far as I know the XR only spacer is a solid piece of aluminum, if this is correct it should not spin at all!

Did you tighten the axle correctly?

Mine is for a 96 XR600R and is aluminum with a rubber seal/cap on the end. The part comes together however you could separate the two. Perhaps the rubbercap/seal moves with the hub and the spacer stays stationary?

Here's what I have:

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Go to Xr's only site to see pic.

I've got that setup on my 92 xr600. that spacer and rubber cap do not rotate (at RPMs achieved w/ my hand spinning the wheel).

No the wheel spacers (both sides, if applicable) do not rotate! The axle should be in screwed in tight enough to prevent the axle spacers from rotating. The axle spacers go tight against the I.D. of the wheel bearings and the spacer between the wheel bearings press against the spacer between them so they all stay tight. Think about it, the forks have an ear that sticks out to keep the speedo drive from spinning so why would you want the wheel spacer on the other side to spin?

I made my own wheel spacers when I went USD but I kept my XR600 wheel so the right hand spacer has a large flange at one end to ride against the bearing seal rather than using the rubber disk with a normal wheel spacer like XR's Only sells.

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