Auto clutch for the xr250r?

I have searched and searched and it seems that Rekluse doesn't make one for the 250r. Does anyone know of an auto clutch that will work on the bike? Thanks

I'm curious why you want that feature for on an XR250? Clutch control is like 1/3 of the skill/fun in riding anything with a manual transmission. Plus... XR250's are geared so low from the factory that they're nearly impossible to stall in first gear unless the rider is an absolute clutching rookie.

Usually they put that feature on a kids bike or adult quads geared towards riders with almost no experience at all such as the TRX250R.

I'm of the opinion that anyone who wants to ride a 250CC or greater 2-wheeled dirtbike should know how or learn how to manipulate the clutch effectively, or perhaps drop down to a smaller bike. It's not at all hard... and learning how to use a clutch will take about one tenth of the amount of time that it would take to install some sort of e-clutch mechanism on the bike... not to mention that it's free since the bike comes from the factory with a traditional manually actuated clutch mechanism. :p

I have no problem clutching and or stalling, thanks. I took a spin on my buddies crf450r and was sold on his rekluse. It has nothing to do with not having the ability to use a clutch.

I take it that means you don't know of anyone who makes an auto clutch, but thanks for the reply. :p

I did some searching a few months ago but came up empty. I'm sort of glad now. An autoclutch for an XR250 is more of a luxury than a need imho. An expensive one at that. (Sure would be nice though.)

Yeah, definitely a luxury and not a need by any means. I am a gadget guy and always buy crap I don't really need! :p

I emailed EFM and they said they can't make one for it because it does not have a removable clutch cover or something. Oh well.

I'm with you on the auto clucth, I have race for 16 years, I now have one on my KDX, pick up a XR a couple years ago and its a know go for the XR, The KDX has a Revloc was on sale for 575 so I took the leap, wish I had it back then made racing a lot easer, Maybe we can convience Revloc to make one for the XR, The KDX is a 2 stroke XR both clucthes work the same, I thought abought taken out both to compare to see how much different they are, E mail Revloc to death and maybe they will make one. One more note when I do wear out the friction plates I have to use XR-400 stock plates. So I see some of the other guys parts do X-over.

So, I wonder what parts are different? Are there any 4-wheelers that use the same motor and come with an auto clutch that maybe we could swap in?

So, I wonder what parts are different? Are there any 4-wheelers that use the same motor and come with an auto clutch that maybe we could swap in?

TRX-250R's quads have the auto-clutch in them... not the same motor as ours, but it is an air-cooled 4-stroke 250CC Honda motor.

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