TXC 250 mileage

Hi and I'm thinking of buying a TXC 250 model...2008 most likely...

Everything I read about these bikes sounds great but I'm interested in the gas mileage also as I will most likely add lights to get it street legal, hence, I'd like to have some gas mileage...I'd add here also I can't seem to find any TEs 4 sale so I'm lookin' at TXC models also.

70 miles is the number given to me as the distance a 2008 TXC250 will go on a tank(stock) of gas. Is this in the ball park from you TXC owners? ~35MPG??

~58 MPG on a 2007 TE250 with a tooth higher front sprocket and all highways miles was given to me also as a baseline MPG on a TE...

If both these numbers are correct, that is over 20MPG difference in the MPG of the 2 bikes...Can the TXC motor alone cause it to get such a lower MPG or is it the sprocket and riding style inflating the TE's MPG?

Thanks for any ideas here...

i get 60 to 65 miles per tank but perhaps less in deep sand or mud.dan

OK and what kind of gearing do you have on your bike? Stock or geared for the trail or road? What is your bike? A TE or TXC?

While I don't think a 250 will vary as much as my '05 TE510 and may get better mpg, just for reference only here's an example of how much mpg can vary.

After break-in miles and rejetting for my area, we did a hard single track trail ride w/a few fast sections and big WOT climbs. Was using stock tank that ride and hit reserve as I pulled into the parking lot at 52miles.....barely 26mpg.

Last summer took a (dirt)road trip w/it, (w/my 3.4gal IMS tank). Most the ride was easy 30-45mph cruise on good forest service/county roads, couple laid-back trail sections, and one straight 2 mile dirt road section held at 75-84mph (all I could get out of her that day). Totaled 82.79 miles at 47.88mpg, my best to date....'could have' made on stock tank.

Now thats over 20mpg difference on the same bike running same jetting and same gearing........last few rides I've checked, I typically average between 30-35mpg.

(FYI: My actual worst tank was when new w/rich stock jetting mine had, on a tougher trail ride than should be w/a new bike........20.2mpg. Good thing we only planned 38 miles that day)

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