new bike and oil consumption

i just picked up a new 08 250 sxf. and its def using or burning. I prob have 7-10 hours on it and i am noticable going through oil in my little sight glass. the dealer said this is normal for the first ten hours and it will always use a little oil. i am not too happy about this. tell me this is normal? I have not been super hard on it. and i was def easy on it the first hour. i still dont think that i have shown it redline, and if it has, it was for the smallest amount of time possible. i find it hard to believe that ring hasnt set yet.. what you guys think

I think it's normal if U break it in easy, but I never had it happen I'm on My 3rd 250sxf & after a couple warm ups & a easy ride I run it hard with good results,no oil loss & great power.

hope i didnt break it in wrong

are you still on the first oil? If you changed it it should have regular dino oil and not synth for a couple of changes to help it break in. You should also rev it fully up every ride to break it in, dont be too easy on it now that it is worn in some.

i am running belray thumper. i changed the oil after the very first hour and a half. i filled the eye glass up to the very top (meaning the oil level was just about to fill the whole eye hole.) rode for an hour. . now the oil is exactly in the middle of the eye glass. thats like 1/8 a quart. this doesnt seem right to me. someone help. thanks

you over filled it to start with, it should be in the middle after you run it and then let it sit level for a some time to drain down.

you should read the manual it will say fill to the middle of the eye glass, but like the others re saying dont be too easy on it, sheesh i killed a rear tyre running in my 505 sxf and i have never had it into a bike shop for repairs

i have the same bike and mine never uses oil. Are you filling the area that the filter goes in before you insert it?

i have the same bike and mine never uses oil. Are you filling the area that the filter goes in before you insert it?

theres no need to do that just lean the bike on the side and pop it out and then replace it.

About the oil the oil should be above middle, it should be just below the top, there is a picture yellow being oil.


this is according to manuel mearusrements. if you drain it completetly(after rebuild and put dry amount in you get that picture.

But bring the bike back to the dealer and say it's loosing oil. also take out the spark and check the colour to see if its burning it. a test for rings put your bike on a stand and rev it abit and look out the back of the bike and if there is a faint cloud of black smoke then it's rings,

i just do it because when i don't my bike has the tendency to crush the filter. Its somewhat like when you put some in the filter to prime it for a car.

thanks guys for all the help. sorry for my delay i was away with the military this weekend. yes i filled the filter well before the oil change was complete. maybe not to the top but def half. i was a little exaggerative with my measurement. my bike was not completely level when i said i lost that much. i have not added oil and it pretty much looks like that yellow picure, maybe a LITTLE less.tell me when i chage the oil where should i fill too? the manual only says in between top and bottom? so is that exactly half/cold? when i reved it before i got some smoke, today i did not get any smoke, maybe the ring is seating/seated?

tell me please, why does my bike start good and idle beatifully....but if i run it then stop or put the clutch in the idel then seems high. like annoyingly high, then if i jerk the clutch the give it a load and no gas, it usually knocks down to where its supposed to. i dont like this, can we fix it? thanks everyone

sounds lean or the return throttle cable is hanging up in the pulley

has the bike been upside down yet?

cause that is a thottle cable, happened my 7 when i went over the plastic at the throttle ha, but really get new cables, nd broke and it would do just hat you mentioned, so getnew cables

sounds lean or the return throttle cable is hanging up in the pulley

its a brand new bike so its not the cables. i got the bike warm and set the idle ( following the manual) i turned the fuel screw clockwise till i heard the idle decrease, then turned it counterclockwise till it decreased more. went back clock wise a tiny bit. ( did all this following the manual is it correct?) this helped, but i still dont have it perfect. if its idling and i CRACk the throttle it will smoke, if i rev it slow but high rpm it wont. what do you guys think?

its not burning oil... it will appear lower in the sight glass after you have been riding it. the oil isnt gone, its just in the oil galleys and nooks n crannies in ur motor. it will all eventually drip back down and make ur sight glass look full

I wonder why KTM says to fill the oil filter and pour oil in the filter housing before installing the filter?? Why dont you have to do that on other bikes? I been doing it because I dont want a "crushed" filter but I never did it on any other brand so why ktms is there something different that has that much pressure in there it will crush a filter?

As for the oil and site glass after I ride i can barley see it but at home on the stand its completely full no gap in the windo. I pour in exactly 1350cc's and I have a rekluse clutch cover. They said the cover would be between 50cc and 100cc more. I ran 1350 from the get go and installed it and its still full no gap just oil in the window.

Officer Mike I dont think there is anything to worry about. Try putting in 50cc's of oil more next change see what that does for you. I measure mine always in a ratio rite cup I know exactly what goes in the bike I never use that window for anything really. oil or not in that window I know what i put in there for sure and unless there is oil and dirt stuck all over my bike from and major oil leak i dont worry about it..I change the oil every two rides no matter what anyways. I may run it 3 rides now that I maybe a rep for Motorex oils.

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