2007 kx450 need serious advice

After riding today I nogticed what looked like steam coming from the radiator overflow tube?

Never once found any fluid under the bike, or any on the bike anywhere so its not leaking from any gaskets. I did notice when I would top off the radiator it seemed to be loosing some fluid, more then usual.

I also noticed the headed gasket is showing a little up front close to the exhaust. No idea why its loosing fluid or why it would be boiling, I didn

t pver heat and it didn't seem really hot at all, I did dump once not at all hard fell over in a sand bank. The radiator is fine, a little came out of the over flow at that point but shouldn't have been that much I wouldn't think?

Any ideas anyone?

which of the water pump screws drains the radiator fluid so I can drain it, start over, put a new radiator cap on and make sure alls well. I have a feeling it could be the cap and when it gets hot and biols it spits it out the overflow. High pressure cap may help?

The drain is the one w/ the copper washer. you should be able to see it. protrudes a bit I guess.

the bikes can use a bit of coolant. if you have any idle time it steam a bit to where you might not even notice. If you ever run the radiators dirty it might steam a bit while under load and you won't really notice.

it's one of the things you just check every ride.

You might have a pin hole in a radiator or just some leak you don't notice until it's under load and hot. I had one in my right rad and never pissed unless I was pinned. left a little crap on the exhaust which is how I found it eventually.

if it runs good, the water is clean, and the oil is clean. I'd just try to stay on top of it until you find the culprit.

seesm to run fine, I'm just paranoid its a new bike to me, rebuilt top and bottom etc etc I'd hate to blow it up. I have a feeling the radiator cap isn't all the tight,. Thanks for the response though its good to know what's normal, its not using much if any at all. From what I understand the radiator on these bikes doesn't like to be full anyway and spits it out. Last time out that I definately lost a bit more ten usual

I would et a 1.6 rad cap. I have had a few of the stock ones go bad. CV4 makes a higher pressuer cap or you can get one from your local dealer for a kx500 its a 1.6

found the problem, head gasket, think they may have reused the old ones when they rebuilt it, whatever they used it didn't last its spent, puffed some white smoke, gasket its smooshed and melted looking and fluid leaking out.

Drained the fluid, cleaned everything wasn't the radaitor must have been slowing going, took it for a quick spin to figure it out. Only rode a second or two before it showed its colors, no idea why it happened.

Almost looks like they didn't have the right gasket or correct torque on the bolts

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