Welding Silencer?

Okay, pretty simple question...

On my piece of junk silencer, the end is coming off, because the screw came out. I can't get the screw to go back in, and the metal is too hard to put in a self tapping screw. So I was considering welding it, or brazing it on. Will this mess anything up? Like pressure or anthing?

oh btw, its a Bill's silencer on an 03 Rm 125

put rivets in it

would a smaller bolt work

Try chasing the threads for the bolt. Please don't weld it as this will only make it harder to repack in the future. Also, if need be you can drill out the hole, tap new threads in it, and install a larger bolt.

If they are still in buisness I'm not sure but try alumiweld.com. You can weld aluminum with a propane torch, and best of all it works real good.

Well, the silencer is a piece of junk, so I will just buy a new one, it would probably cost more to repack it than sell it, because the silencer is probably only worth $10 at the most. I need a new one.

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