CRF450r? 2005 transmission in a 2004 engine?

Hello. Im somewhat new to TT. Im what they call a shade tree mechanic. I recently purchased a 2004 CRF450r, then had the tranny freeze up on me. I was able to free it up and it ran just fine. But i kept pulling metal shavings out in my tranny oil. So I cracked the case of my 04 to find that both my main and counter shafts needed to be replaced along with most of the gears, They all resembled the mouths of a couple of oakies. Ive called around and it would cost me around $700 to replace my transmission. I checked ebay and found a complete transmission for a 2005 for like $300. I went online and checked all the part numbers. The main shaft and the counter shaft are the same but not the gears. Will the 2005 transmission work properly in my 04? If not does any one know where I can get a good deal one? Please help TT!!!!

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