2001 xr 200 rear rim

Hey guys my rear rim on my 01 xr 200 is toast. I have been looking on ebay and have found several early 80's xr rims. Will these work on my 01?

The easiest is to buy a complete rear wheel assembly, the most expensive is to replace the rim.

As far as fit it depends on how early. Beginning in 1984 the XR200R/XR250R used the same hub w/ a 17" riml and the 200 stayed the same to the end. There was a part number revision in 98 but I think the hub is the same (the bearings are the same). In 1990 the XR250R switched to a rear disc brake. The 81-83 XR200R rear wheel will also fit but it has an 18" rim, make sure the wheel comes from an R model, the none Rs are different as are the XL models.

Good luck

I have an 89 XR200 and a 2004 CRF230. Other than the 17" rim and black hub on the XR the rear wheels are identical.

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