legally riding in washinton?

i have a 2006 ktm 300 xcw, and am planning to go on a trip into washington this year. I live in British Columbia and i was wondering what i need to take my bike across the border?

also, what kind of laws are there regarding spark arrestors, and the like?

I don't think there's much to it. I have friends that brought 5 bikes up to race in Canada and brought them all back across the border. I would imagine registration would be something good to have in case they ask.*&p_li=&p_topview=1

Wow big link, anyway thats to the US Customs website and there is a Q&A section. Maybe you have the other side of this from the Canadian side?

spark arrestors are required at all state and federal riding areas (which I imagine you'll be hitting)

What you will need is an orv tag. If you don't have one buy one over the phone from Oregon for $10. Oregon Parks and rec has a list of retailers on there web site. I purchased mine from a shop in Pendleton. Oregon tags are reconized in washington.

thanks for the help guys.

is there a db limit for dirtbikes and quads, or does anything go?

thanks for the help guys.

is there a db limit for dirtbikes and quads, or does anything go?

Not sure how things are going in terms of riding areas getting shut down in Canada, but here in the states, the biggest ammunition that greenies are going after is noise (amongst other things.) Quiet pipes are good:thumbsup:

Yep, 105 is right. I actually just got home from a sound enforcement certification class. Chris Reid is holding a class for the public at Strattleline on Saturday. Chris is very into dirt biking, and a great instuctor. Go to his class if you can.


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