Need Help Choosing My Next MX...

Whats up guys?

I'm thinking of selling my bike (YZ426F) for a newer one and I'm torn between the CRF and the YZF, I'm aiming for a 2006 or if I can efford it, a 2007 model, any thoughts? Do you know whats the different between the 2006 and the 2007 YZ450F?

I asked pretty much the same question here at the Honda section and of course everybody told me to go with the CRF450...

Now, here is Israel, a lot of people are going with the CRF250R and suggested I'll do the same as I'm not that good of a rider yet (which they are right, I'm new to dirt riding) and I'm not using half the power the 450's has and that it just makes my riding a lot difficult. The problem is, I'm a power lover, so I rather have some extra horses than find my self in a position that I need more power...

I rode my friend's CRF250R and I just love the way that bike handle, but I felt I needed more power, so I told him I would give everything to have my engine in his frame, then I read that the new 450's (2005 models and up) are exactly like that !! Is it true? Does the new 450's handle like the 250's on steroids??

Thanks a lot guys.


I can tell you from personal experience that the Honda's of that time frame have valve issues. And I suspect the newer ones still have this problem, because Honda customer service swears that they do not have valve problems.:p

Out of the 4 Honda's that I have had up close encounters with (2 were mine and the other 2 are close friends of mine) They have all had to have the valves replaced at least twice, and re-shimmed numerous times. Hence the reason I, and one of the other former Honda owners, have switched to Yamaha.

The other guy is still in denial, and thinks that it is "normal' to have to re-shim every year and replace every 2 years. We are looking into a 12 step rehab program for him now:lol: :lol:

Other than the valve issues, they seem to be decent bikes though.

If I were you, I would go with a Yamaha.

i have 06 my friend have 04 crf and i dont like how it feel, some do.

so you need to try both to know which one is for you.

the yz will be more reliable and belive me its strong enough.

honda kick on the bottom is useless to me.

I think the question here is how much is reliability worth to you? Do you want a bike that you only need to do routine maintenance and it's always ready to ride? or do you want a bike that needs constant and unnecessary wrenching? not to mention expensive valve jobs.... IF you decided to go with a honda, go for the 450, 250's have worse valve issues. I've ridden a honda 250r, no doubt it felt good, handled great, but that same bike has had countless valve adjustments. The people over at the honda forum are in severe denial about the mechanical issues with their bikes. If you want a great AND reliable bike, go with a yamaha. I'm not saying yamahas never break down, they do, but much less often than a honda, and when they do it's usually not an expensive valve failure.

Thanks for your replies !

I was leaning towards the Yamaha anyway, the Honda has this valves problems and sometimes its very very hard starting the bike, with my current YZ426F I never had a problem staring the bike, hot or cold. Some people told me that the handling of the Honda is much better than the Yamaha, and even if it is, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

I think I'm gonna go with the Yamaha, it never failed me and now, after almost a year and a half, the water pump broke down...

If anyone of you rode both bikes I would really appreciate to hear about the handling differences...

Thanks guys !

I've personally ridden yz400's yz426's, yz450's, and crf250r. The "handling" difference is no that much, it primarily boils down to riding style. Typically, yamaha's need to be ridden up closer to the gas tank, it may just take a little getting used to. I see you already have a yz426, riding a yz450 will feel completely natural to you.

I picked up a used (40 hrs) 08 yz450 and I love it. It is a great bike, and from what I am told, very reliable. Just need to change the oil and filter every other ride and change the air filter every ride. I have 4 filters. 3 are oiled up and ready to go, so I just pop out the old and I am ready to go.

One thing about the 08 though is the pipe. It is a little restrictive. I have heard of some people installing a stock 07 pipe on an 08 and it helps. I just dont have 800 dollars to blow on an aftermarket setup.

I have not ridden the Honda so I guess I am a Yamahomer. Oh well.

Well, I can't afford myself a 2008 bike for sure, I don't even know if a 2007 is affordable to me. I live in Israel, and prices here are unbelievably high. a 2008 bike will cost me $9200!! like a new R1 in the US...wanna hear the price for a new R1...$26000. Anyway, I'm doing my best to get my hand on a 2007 model.

BTW, What are the differences between the 426F and the 450F? I've heard that my bike is brutal compared to the newer model, I don't mean more powerful, just brutal, and that the handling and power delivery are much better with the 450F than with my 426F...

I went from a 426 to an 04 450f and there was a big difference in handling. The 426 was a little top heavy and it wanted to stand up in the corners. It was a good bike plenty of power.

I was really happy with the 04 450, especially after I had my suspension revalved. I was really amazed how much better it entered corners with the correct set up.

I just sold the 04, no problems what so ever with it. Just changed the oil, and filter every 4-5 hours. Great bike. Everyone says the 06 and newer are way better than the 04, so I am sure you would be happy with the newer bike. :p

We might be forgeting some additional important questions. What is your height and weight? What type of terrain do you ride in? How many hours do you have on a bike?

Well, I'm 5'9 170lbs ( I'm on a diet... :banghead: ) and I'm riding trails and I just found out someone built a track near by so I guess I'll ride there a lot. Usually, we ride for about 3 hours every time in total, lets say, 2 hours trails and 1 hour track...Is that what you wanted to know?

BTW, I'm pretty sure the setup of my suspenssion is not good, how can I fix that? I read that I should check something called sag and maybe lower the suspession 5mm...something like that, can anyone help me with that?

Thanks a lot guys, you are the best !!

I meant total time riding a motorcycle. A beginner can learn more on a 250F than on a 450F. Your weight puts you right on the cusp for either bike. Remember that it's better to ride a slow bike fast, than ride a fast bike slow. And yes, sag is important. Also, have you played with your suspension clickers?

250 or 450...go with a YZ. They are bulletproof.

Well, I started riding when I was 15 or 16, I'm 30 now so I pretty much feel comfortable on a bike though dirt bikes are not my specialty...Anyway, I did played with the rear suspension but not the fork, I don't know what to do or to be more accurate, I wouldn't know what to look for?? Can any of you give me your setting? Someone with my weight/hight or maybe close? I just want to start from a point that works!

Please, if you can tell me your rear and front suspension settings it would be great!! Also, does anyone know the default setting of my bike??

Thanks a lot people!!!


If anyone of you rode both bikes I would really appreciate to hear about the handling differences...

Thanks guys !

I have an '08 YZF and one of my good friends has an '06 CRF. The CRF will just flat turn under the YZ in a tight 90 degree turn. The CR will stick hard and the YZ will want to crawl out of its line ---- but the YZ feels rock solid at speed and is much easier handling on high speed turns.

I actually like 'em both, but the CR deal breaker for me was the death rattle that seemed to be coming from the top end.

I asked my buddy if he had adjusted the valves yet and he replied "Why, its only got 50 hours on it? They just sound different beause they have different mufflers !" :banghead:

No, it did not sound natural and he is still in denial --- i expect a phone call describing a catastrophic failure any day now

So the CRF turns better than the YZF in tight corners? Is it that noticeable? Is there a way to make the YZF turn like the Honda or maybe close to the CRF with lets say, changing the clamps?

Thanks for all the info guys, you are the best!

yes its noticibale alittle but you will get uset to it, atleast it wont bubble like crazy in high speed.

yes diffrent clamps will help. and theres Rekluse E-axle which people give great reviews.

compare to your old yzf, the newer alu yzfs feel like magic everywhere.

yes its noticibale alittle but you will get uset to it, atleast it wont bubble like crazy in high speed.

yes diffrent clamps will help. and theres Rekluse E-axle which people give great reviews.

compare to your old yzf, the newer alu yzfs feel like magic everywhere.

well I guess you right, as i said before, I'm going for the 2006 or hopefully, the 2007 model so its going to be great anyway!!

I'm not a pro rider so I doubt I'll feel any different between the CRF and the YZ-F...and my Yamaha is great, I love it, like a rock !!! so how do you say, If it aint broke, don't fix it... :banghead:

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