83 XL600 aftermarket exhaust

Hello Everyone,

Just bought a quite nice, original xl600. The first mod. I'd like to do is go with a nice aftermarket muffler. Hope to get a meaner sound and a few extra horses. I've looked at the store on this sight but can't seem to find a supertrapp or fmf for that age bike. Could any one help point me in the right direction?

I would really appreciate it,


Can't really help with where you find one . All I will say is you should not believe that an exhaust (Muffler) from another model won't work or be adequate for your needs.. Eg,,My bikes run these.XL600=CRF250 standard Muffler,,as quiet as the stock that one. XR600=CRF250 Pro Circuit T4 Muffler,,fairly loud but not bad. XL600/500frame=Yamaha WRF450 standard Muffler..Louder than the T4 but probably needs a repack to lessen it a bit. All fitted and worked well with minor modification to the Muffler side of the pipe..DIY rules but obviously if you live in an apartment or condo and have no access to tools and a few bits of exhaust extension then you will need to find a proper fitting pipe.


Thanks very much. I think I'll try to track down a stock WRF 450 exhaust and go from there. Thanks again,


No problem. The 450 Muffler actually took the most work to fit but if you find one cheap enough it may be just as easy to whip the bike into a shop and get them to do the fitting arrangement. Be aware that none of them were a straight fit and they all required a bit of thinking to work out mounting positions for the normal attachment positions of the old pipe to be used...I'm not incredibly fussy so some of the ways I mickey mouse things together regarding the attachment would be frowned upon by other mortals but they serve me well enough.

Thank you both,

Just to try and remain brand loyal, I may look for a crf250 or 450 muffler. But at least now I feel confident that I can make one work with a little rigging. I can't wait to be rid of the current boat anchor muffler.

Front suspension will be next. A late 90's xr600 forks probably. I believe they will slide right in.


How is the suspension on the tt600? I'm spoiled by my motocrosser and the XL needs help in that department.

I mounted a FMF powercore IV for a XR600 on my 86 XL660 with no problems.

XR's Only has a lot of goodies for old XL's and XR's. I bought a pipe & header from them for an '84 XL600 a year or two ago

Just a bit of advice re the XR600 Forks. They won't slip straight in without you changing the Steering Head from the XR over as well..XL's are I think 37mm Forks and the XR are I believe 41mm...Back shocks another story which I'm also looking to change for something longer as I'm kinda tall and feel like I'm sitting on a mini bike with the standard XL shock..Forget what options there are with that one but it's been discussed here before,,can't remember exactly what the optimal "other" shock from another model XR is.. Some fit some don't,,hopefully someone will chime in with what they used to refresh our memory. PS...If you go for a CRF250 standard Muffler be aware that the one I fitted to my XL is about the same weight as the standard XL600 Muffler. It is also really quiet so if you're looking for noise it's not really a good choice..I'll stick up a picture of my XL with the CRF250 Muffler so you get an idea of what one I'm using and you can maybe avoid it and go for another more rowdy one.


http://www.imagef1.net.nz/files/IMG_00521239919848.jpg That photos of the 600/500 with the WRF450 Muffler. Thought I'd chuck it in for you as well for some ideas..Tanks the wrong size for that bike as you can see by the gap between it and the seat..Still looking for a Standard XR500 Tank and good right hand sidecover to finish the job.

Thanks so much for all the help!


I'm gonna scrap the crf idea if its quiet and heavy. I'll make sure I get the xr triple tree too!

Priceless info!

Appreciate it immensely.


Dyno jet makes a kit for the carbs, highly recommend it to go along with your aftermarket pipe.

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