Which rekluse clutch to buy?

Hey i have a 05 CRF450R, i do mostly dessert riding, but some moab and 5 miles of hell type of stuff. just wondering which Rekluse clutch is the best for that, and what the differences are? pro's and cons of each?

I only know the Pro I have it in my 07 450R. It is awsome you can ride the bike like a CRF50 or use the clutch to override anytime you want. I haven't stalled in the woods since the install and some of that time include following my 6 year old grandson on his KX50! So I would say the pro's to the Pro are: you can use your clutch to override if you want, you can bump start if needed, reduce/eliminate stalls, makes going over/thru stuff fun, easy to install with very little after adjustments required, and you can get one for $504.00 delivered.

Rocky Mountain has 100.00 off right now, my pro is on order and should be here for the weekend.

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