YZ250F Tires for Hill climbs in woods,leaves and mud

Ok, I have read tons of threads and none talk about my type of riding and racing. I race hare scrambles and practice on hill climbs in West Virginia. We have alot of roots, leaves, loose dirt, rocks, creek bottoms, mudd and did I mention mudd. I was thinking about the s-12 or star cross ms-2 but then again I like the bridgestone m-102 or so. I have ran the factory tire so far and it was ok, but not great on the hills and very poor in mudd. I have a race on 4/25 and am looking for input so I can purchase and be ready for that day.

Thanks in advance.:p

I've been really happy with my maxxis tires so far.

Some guys around here run the MAXIS, but theres probably more hard pack here than there. The Michelin Starcross up front is a good choice and S12 rear are good choices for you. I've run the Dunlop 756 rear and its not so great in mud once the edges are gone. I just put on a Pirelli MX rear and did a gnarly area last weekend and it did pretty well in the wet and the price is right at $49.00. I got the 110x100 and it barely fits the swingarm, but install went easily. I've only got 2 rides on it so time will tell how long it wears. Once my favorite riding area got dry, the Michelin started chunking, only lasted a few months.

the s12 is great and it seems to always hook up out of the corner

I run the h-12 in alot of rocks and it hooks up good and wears like a tank. The m-12 would be my choice if I knew there was gonna be a lot of mud also. I have found the h/m12's to be my favorite

I have run the S12 and M12 and the starcross ms2. I will be sticking with the M12s. Great traction and its last longer

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