Photos: Ohio & Indiana

Hangtime LL Qualifier and Beans MX Park Ohio

450 Hole Shot 39 riders


Carr holding of Weeks for a lap


Justin Weeks flying to a win


Logan PFleiderer 2nd B class




David Blevins (My Nephew) @ Beans Bike park


Tony Usko @ Beans


great pics i love them Airoh helmets

Those pictures are great, post more if you have them

Cool photos.

Awesome photos!

Hey BARS do you have any pictures from the hangtime llq of#902. He is my friend and I was just wondering.

Thanks for the props guys!

#902, I'll check, do you know what class?

Is this him?


What about #95 on a yz125?


Yeah thats him:thumbsup: he rode a crf150r and a rm85. He rode supermini and 85 senior. If you see any more pictures please post them.


You take some really good pics, post more if you have them!

uh, damn, i've been paying too much time in history class....when i saw ohio and indiana i thought to myself, 2 of the states that were part of the northwest ordinance in the 1800s...

oh, amazing pictures, that kid that won 65 mod is railin.


Womens class correct?



Womens class correct?


yup, thats my girlfriend lol

man, you have some awesome pics! Hopefully I will be racing soon and maybe you will end up with some pics of me!

"yup, thats my girlfriend lol"

Cool, she rides well. Looks like she made the regionals!

"Hopefully I will be racing soon and maybe you will end up with some pics of me"

Sounds good, you ever race Hangtime or any of the Read's races?

Not yet, I haven't started racing yet. I plan on racing harescrambles and mx races this summer though.

Well good luck to you, win or lose racing is a blast.

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