KLX 300 CS Sproket

Went to the local Kaw shop today, I wanted to see if maybe they had a 13 tooth cs sprocket. To my surprise they had one!!!!! Took it home and what the he11 it would not fit. Took it back along with the stock one, I showed them and said this aint gona work. They looked it up in their computer and it was the right part number and the picture looked like the 13 toother I had bought. Then they looked it up on Kaw’s web site and it was a different part number and the picture looked like the stocker. They said they could order it for me and would give it to me at the same price 13 bucks as the one I need is like 22 bucks. Has this happened to anyone else before?

Sounds like their computer has out dated info in it or the wrong bike was typed in the first time. Some Yamaha sprockets will cross over also. WR 450 I think, But you better check. Renthals site should say which ones. The yamaha dealer might have one in stock. Good Luck. Go Green

What year? It changed for 2003. Was the one you bought aftermarket or OEM? Sometimes the aftermarket is a little quick to assume their part still fits without checking.

it is a 2003, and it was an aftermarket sprocket.

I'd bet it was for the older circlip version and manufacturer wasn't quite up to speed on the change.

I had issues fitting up aftermarket sprockets on mine, The sprocket fits very tight between the output shaft and the snap wring. Just requires a good cleaning and a little bit of tinkering :lol:

I have not found renthal sprockets to wear very good. I ran a primary drive 12T on the front for a while, then went to 13:52 renthal. The primary drive sprocket is still in new condition while the renthal ive been running half the time is showing dishing and lean. Fun! :p

The sprocket changed in 2003, the Renthal part number for the front is 289-520-13GP for the 13 tooth for 03 and newer. The prior to 03 models, as KLXD said, use the circlip version which is a 252-520-13GP

I think stock gearing is 14 / 50, going to a 13 /52 seems like a pretty big change. What type of terrain do you ride, and what prompted the change. Do a lot of folks go with the 13T front just to tighten up the gear ratios a little.

I run the 13/50 on my 300. perfect for here in Colorado. Also worked great in Moab Utah. Being street legal, Highway speeds are not so Hot. 55 is the max I like to push it for extended distances. Always hunting for that ever needed seventh gear.:banghead:

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