Hand guards? Or not

So I have been riding around town a ton latley with out my barkbusters, at first I only took them off to install my zeta pivot lever, I didn't really at the time want to put them back o, one to many drinks madee a little sleepy. Went inside and was watching YouTube and seen a video of a dude that flip over his bars a his hands got stuck in the busters. Look so painfull that I still don't want to put them back on. I ride supermoto and 100% street and know the pros of them. I have sliders and all that. I feel that the risk may not be worth it. What do you guys think and all that good stuff.

Cheers Logan

Got a link to that vid?

I have a SM but take it offroad in the woods occasionally so I feel better with them on. Never really gave much thought about having your hand slip between the grip and guards or heard much talk of it. Right now I still feel the rewards are greater than the risk....

I use the OEM ones. Not much protection. But it keeps the wind rain and pebbles off my hands.

i think the chances of that happening are a million to 1. i'd much rather have the protection for the other 999,999 times i might go down.

also ama requires it...dont know if that makes a difference to you

just my thoughts

I would argue that catching one's hands in the handguards while flipping over the handlebars is a freak occurrence, whereas smashing one's hands on something while riding is very common. As such, I would recommend that you go with the guards. That's just my 2 cents; do whatever you feel makes you safest.

Keep it coming!

I've been wrasslin with the same decision for a while, and saw a post somewhere here where several people said the ones with a bend don't grab your hands like that. I think they said Cycra pro bends, and/or Zeta.

Doesn't it seem like the mirrors on a lot of SUVs are just the right height to bust yer knuckles?

Did you ever get hit in the knuckle joint of your pinky with a bumble bee doing about 70?

Put them back on.

Put em back on. That vid sounds like a freak occurrence, like one of those few cases where wearing a helmet killed a guy instead of saving him etc.

Good replys guys. I'll have to get the link to the video on YouTube. I really see the picture on the subject but I'm still not sure. I'll have to flip through the othe link about this and thumb the idea. Keep it going guys

I posted earlier how I use the OEM. If i were to do any tack days or ANY off roading i would put real ones on.

i think the chances of that happening are a million to 1. i'd much rather have the protection for the other 999,999 times i might go down.

also ama requires it...dont know if that makes a difference to you

just my thoughts

i would agree with the above. they perform well in minor dumps and slides as expected. In a larger incident, they might not be optimal as posted here... but i accept the odds.


When I watched the video it was like seeing nails go down a chalk board and I can't get that out of my head. T kind of makes me cringe but I still see all the good things that can be benifited

I think I know the video you are talking about. I'd rather have the protection from the trees though. I had a branch grab my clutch on a hillclimb before I got my guards on. I pretty near looped it when it let go. It could have ended badly but luckily i didn't.

yeah, there a for sure thing in the woods and single track and all that good stuff but i ride 100% street and im having a hell of a time making the choices

I probably wouldn't bother using them if I only rode street.

They work well for keeping you hands from getting cold up here also. Not that it is a big problem in California. lol

ah man it gets cold down here dude!!!LOL! i think our low last night might have been around 45-50F. this winter it got in the low 20's, that sucked, but my hardware store got tons of sales for broken/frozen pipes.,

How about low siding without them and having the clutch lever crush your hand. Been there, done that. Not fun.

If you ride 100% street then I can't see why they are so neccessary. My R1 doesn't have them, and I get along just fine.

Then again, its a dirt bike, so put 'em on because....they sure look the part!

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