Pics of those zero sevens

Im picking up my 2007 this saturday and its bone stock and too plane for me. If you guys could post some pics of your 07's to give me some ideas that would be great and i would really appreciate it, thanks.




Here is my brand new 07. I have added a MRD exhaust, and suspension mods since this pic was took.


What'd you use to paint the frame on this and has it chipped or rubbed off any.

I've painted plenty of things but only thing I could think of using on a bike frame is powder coat without going back to the ole' single stage

Sick lookin bike by the way!

very durable and easy to keep clean(you can see whats dirty).


That one of the nicest Crf's I have seen. Love the white. But when the frame wares it will look too dirty. Get the carbon fiber frame guards and it will look awsome. The white really has that clean look.

Flyin-A that bike looks awesome I really like the frame is that paint or powder coat? Thanks guys


Nice work Flyin-A.

im loving the white frame!

my dub-o-7 IMG_6194.jpgIMG_5307.jpgIMG_6192.jpg 99.1 hours and it's still like brand new.!!!.......i have never let the oil go longer than 6 hours in the engine and ten in the tranny

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