Roll Call Bakersfield and the Golden Empire

So with riding season in full force, I thought I would see who else is riding dual sports in Bako. There are a few of us that ride together and meet up to work on the bikes at one of our garages, hang out and hit up weekend rides. Sometimes we just do local urban assult rides around town and hit the local eateries. Its always cool to meet other DS'ers. If you are lookin for others to ride with speak up and we will get some rides planned.

If you head down toward Tehachapi, some of us Antelope Valley DS riders may meet up with you...

Yeah... I am here Bako!!! But you already have my number! :lol: Lets go ride already. I am tired of computer riding :p

Gotta say I am disappointed in Bakersfield. Must be a bunch of Barneys that dont have computers....Listen up Bako! Technology is not evil. Computers good. I see DS'ers all over the place, but who hasnt heard of TT. Well at least Baja and Birdy Chimed in. Birdy, I want to hit the trail you did the RR on, Indian Canyon? Lets do it!

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