some exhaust issues

i just picked up and 04 yz250 and the only problems it had were that the exhaust was leaking. it has a full pro cicuit exhaust. it leaks from the head to the main pipe. he said theres a donut or a gasket that goes there that is missing from it. what would i need to get? and is there a clamp or anything i need for where the pipe meets the silencer? its loose. thanks

They have round o-rings to make a seal in the cylinder. Check out the thumpertalk store, they should have them.

Someone had written a pretty good attachment procedure that cleared my leak up...Use some hi temp sealant at the gaps pipe to head, and silenencer to pipe. Put your pipe on with the new o-rings and springs and do not tighten the bolt down that holds the pipe to the bike. Also loosely attach your silencer to the can add the collar that attaches the two. Fire up your ride and let the exhaust "settle" this will ensure a proper fit and no leaks. Make sure to tighten all of your bolts up when done.

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