Random ball bearing found after replacing water pump?

Hey guys.

Total noop question here. Hope you guys can help.

I'm helping a guy replace the bearings on his water pump. We found a stray ball bearing in the oil pan when cleaning up. Does anyone know where it goes? We didn't take the clutch apart, so I know it's not that one.

It looks like it fits nicely in one of the small holes the side of the case that we removed. Any ideas?

Sorry, no pictures. This is on a 2004 YZ 450.


It may go inside a pellet gun:smirk: No! really I dont know but you could get a service manual for that year and check and see how many bearings they were there to begin with.

I have seen on here were guys download manuals for their bikes but dont where know they do it at.

He is probally right that is the only ball I see that would be random.

That is the low pressure check ball, and it should be accompanied by a retainer and spring.

What size is the ball?

The ball in the link #28 says its a 3/8. Hope it is the ball that he found astray.

So where did the ball come from????

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