'00 XR650R Oil capacity

Tonight I did my first oil change since I bought my Pig a couple of months ago (only rode it a couple of times), and was wondering if anyone has had the experience I had. I followed the factory service manual, and it says it should take 1.6q for an oil and filter change. However, I had to put 2q in to get the dipstick to read just below the high mark. I did idle the bike for about 5 minutes to make sure I got an accurate reading. I would like to avoid any seal problems in the motor from overfilling, so if anyone has an opinion on this please let me know. BTW I used castrol GTX 10W40 non-synthetic oil. Any issues there?



I would advise against putting in more than the recommended

amount ( from 3 years of reading tales of woe on the net).

1800 mls takes mine to one inch below the upper mark on the dipstick. This, according to the manuals is fine and there is no need to take it right to the top mark.

Put in 1200 mls, run bike for ten seconds, then add 600 mls.

cheers, Craig

A couple of notes -

Fluids expand when heated, so the level will increase from cold;

With many engines, it's necessary to wait a couple minutes to check the oil, so it has time to drain back.

With mine, I can't get it all in, so I put in yes about 1.2 liters, kick it over a bit, then work in the rest. You could easily drain some out. I wouldn't leave it overfull.

Make sure the engine is warm before you change the oil then it will take nearly 2 quarts with an oil filter change. Your experience was the same as mine

I am not sure what 2 quarts equates to in metric, but if it

is more than 1.8 litres then I advise against. I drain

my oil when it's hot, and tip the pig side to side several

times. It then does not need more than 1800mls.

cheers, Craig

Being a Brit that lives in the US I can converse in both metric and imperial. 2 qts is just over 1.8ltr I put in about 1.7ltr :)

All I know about metric is I prefer my Guiness in pints! :)

That's two "N's", and it's better form the tap! :)

Guinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnness! Hic! BuRP! It don't get no better than that.

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