2000 YZ426F & 1998 YZ400F Shock Interchangeable?

Is a 2000 YZ426F shock a direct drop in for a 98 YZ400F(Other than maybe slight a spring rate difference)?



After doing a little research the part numbers very only slightly.

2000 YZ426F - 5JG-22210-00-00

1998 YZ400F - 5BF-22210-00-00

Mind you this part is for the WR. I can't seem to find the YZ part. Not sure if there is any difference in the WR or YZ part.

Hope this helps.

The numbers are going to vary from one year to the next, even if they are 100% interchangeable, and there is always a difference between the WR and YZ models.

Incidentally, the number change in those two part numbers is not "slight", it's as big as it gets.

Yamaha uses a basic number system for almost all of their parts. Under this system all X-22210-X-X's are rear single unit spring/shocks. All 12180's are cam #2 (exhaust generally), and all 25111's are front hubs.

The 3 character prefix, 5BF, 5JG, etc., are model designators for the motorcycle the part was first issued for. This number will often vary quite a bit in the YZ/YZF line, since a lot of the parts used interchange with other models in the line. But, those 3 characters may be the only difference when the part is for a completely different model. 4C8-22210-00-00 for example, is a shock for an '07 R1, and I don't think anyone will ask if it will fit the YZF.

The two sets of trailing digit pairs are used to indicate revisions, alternate sizes, etc. These can be small changes, and normally don't mean the two can't be interchanged. The trouble is that they don't mean they can, either.

In the particular case of a rear shock, the number can be significantly different with each individual model, but it is true that many of them will interchange. The springs and valving may differ only slightly between the two models mentioned here. What's important is the length of the shock and the size of the mounting eyelets.

Hopefully someone will be able to give you a more definitive answer.

The actual part numbers for the two shocks are:

1998 YZ400: 5BE-22210-00-00

2000 YZ426: 5JG-22210-00-00

Thanks for clearing that up for me I wouldn't have guessed that at all. But as always your vast knowledge straightened me out. :p

Honda uses a similar system, just rearranges the parts of it. The basic number goes first, then the model designator. A 14711-MW0-000 is an intake valve for an '05 CB900, and a 14711-MEB-000 is the same part for a CRF450R.

Ford did the same thing, last time I paid any attention.

98-00 will interchange. Then there is a length different in the 01-02 models.

I remember buying linkages for the 00 year bike and it fit back to the 98 model year.

Thanks guys, exactly what I was looking for.

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