1985 XL600R Battery Connection Question

I have just purchased a very nice xl600r and am in the process of cleaning it up and doing some repairs. I am installing a battery and have found 3 wires in the area that are not connected to anything. The red fused lead I am assuming is the positive wire, the green lead with a ring is the negative (I am guessing) and I have one more. It is a green wire with a female blade connector on it and it has nowhere to go. Please let me know what this is if you can.



The U.S. version of the bike uses the same wiring harness as some of the foreign versions. That green spade connected doesn't go anywhere on 'our' bike. For some 'foreign' units, it connects to a 'third' spade on the turn signal relay to provide for running lights.

If you have a service manual, look at the wiring schematic. You will see that green wire is shown just to the outside of the relay, not connected to anything.

Thanks for the response that is very good to know. I was sort of worried as i still had no lights. My headlight bulb is burnt out waiting on the new one. I replaced the taillight already. I have the exhaust off the bike so don't want to start it now but i read somewhere that the taillight should come on with the key. It is not but i am hoping it has to do with the blown headlight. Is this correct?

I believe that the tail light should come on regardless. I forgot to check all of my connections after putting the airbox back into place, and the AC regulator wasn't plugged in...

It didn't take long to cook the headlight, but the tail light survived unscathed.




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