xr 100 engine swap

will an xl 125 engine fit in an xr 100.what differences are there ,also what advantages or dis advantages?

Since no one esle has answered, I will take a shot. At least it will bump this for thread for you.

I don't think so. Not without some cutting. A 120 kit for the 100, a cam and a bigger carb would be easier.

I'm pretty sure an XL125 is based on the XR200 (CB100, XR185, XR200) bottom end.


yes the xl 125 is based on the xr 200,xl 185 and so on. I tried to stick a xr 200 motor in my xr 100 and it was to big and would of taken alot of modifing to work.

depends on what year xl 100 you got. i'm pretty sure a 125 can fit in my 1979 xl 100, without much needed work.

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