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Colorado TT'ers - Where to ride?

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Two parts to this question, so please read all of it. :lol:

As of today, I've got my motorcycle endorsement and my Z is fully registered. Even with the little saddle time I've had on my SM, now the question is: What are some nice twisty roads here in Colorado that are fun to ride? I'm living in the Castle Rock area and Highway 67 looks fun (at least the portions that are paved), as well as 105. Any other ideas or suggestions on where to ride?

Also, eventually, I want to try a trackday on my SM. Are there any tracks in the Denver area that allow Supermoto days? I'm not interested in racing, just ripping around some corners on a closed course. Gokart racks? Etc?

Thanks :p

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A little far north but:

My standard "I don't want to think about it route" is:

CO74 West from Morristown to Evergreen

That eventually hits:

CO103 West from Evergreen to Idaho Springs

Hop East on I70 to the Central City Pky and take that over the hill through Central City and Blackhawk (sucks) to catch:

CO119 North from Blackhawk to Nederland

Short Route I take CO72 East from there back to Golden and then home

Long Route I continue on CO119 towards Boulder in order to hit 4 Mile Canyon a few times before giving up and taking 119 on down into Boulder and home.

Around 100mi not including getting there and back

CO74 isn't much to shake a stick at

CO103 is pretty amazing

CO119 To Nederland has some really good sections and some pretty blah sections

CO72 Has some great sections as well, but most of those have a big drop on one side

4 Mile Canyon is fantastic, and I never see anyone there, they're all putting face to ass behind each other on CO119 from Nederland to Boulder behind a few campers.

Most these roads are pretty worthless altogether past 10am if not earlier due to slow moving traffic. During the summer I usually end up pulling dawn patrols to hit everything as the sun comes up to avoid everyone.

Flagstaff Road out of Boulder, CO46 and Lookout Mountain Road out of Golden can be entertaining, but are usually chock full of cruising Pensioners

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you can ride sm at imi motorsports park 7 days a week.


come check out the first race of the season this sunday.

the Speed Works crew will be out in full force.

your sm is legal in the sportsman class and there are several drz's racing.



Is that race this Sunday gonna be at IMI? I don't want to race, but if the weather clears up, I'd love to come watch and support y'all :p

EDIT - Nevermind, just checked the website....

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Thanks Rob,

Lots of good info in that thread, will have to try some of those routes. One cought my attention especially:

A good trip startng from Denver would be Hwy 67 out of Sedalia to Woodland Park. Left on Hwy 24 to Green Mtn Falls. And then ride Pike's Peak Hwy to the summit. This trip would be about 85% paved. Have fun.

Can you really take a DRZ to the summit of Pikes Peak? I'm in Castle Rock, elev is about 6,400 here... is taking my SM all the way to 14,000 possible? Granted, I'm in the fat guy club... would this be dable. I'd love to do this trip!

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