09 EXC 530 passenger pegs???

Hello, I am soon to be a new 530 owner this friday and cant wait!!!!! Has anyone seen any type of passenger pegs for that model or any pics of home fab jobs. Im thinking i might have to design somthing my self but hope not. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks:ride:

You might want to look on KTMtalk.com I've seen pics of some fabricated passenger pegs on that site but nothing for that new of a bike. The problem is that the sub-frame really isn't set up for that much weight. There is no such OEM part that I know of.

try this thread:


Thank you very much for that link to the foot peg mounted buddy pegs. I was trying to figure out a way maybe of attaching some kind of arm to the ktm pegs that has a buddy rest,,,, and there we go. After i dump my piggy bank in to the purchase of my new exc tomorow I will be looking in to the buddy pegs for my wife. Thank you again.

Hi perhaps not too nice, but works very well for my wife but I don't run in the plublic road.


he remains me some modification has make.


a good day of the Quebec

steph, that's an interesting way to attach passenger pegs- i like it!

it got me thinking that you could have a similar setup except that it would fold over the main drivers pegs, kinda of like on a hinge. when you don't need them they are completely out of the way- when you have to give a ride, just fold them out and your ready to go!:doh:

My freind has an 08 and bought street bike buddy pegs and had to fab a mount to the subfram on the shifter side and in his case(no movement in right ankle) he mounted it where the rear brake resevoir & pedal would go since he now has a hand brake and rekluse clutch. u have to fabricate mounting points, its a little work to do it cleanly.

Bought a pair from tec-cycles. Used them for about 25 minutes. The girl hates being on the back...

Anybody interested in them please pm me.

My freind had to fab. his own mounts to the brake resevoir mount one 1 side and weld a tab to the sub frame on the shifter side. He used street bike pegs off a GSXR or Honda croch rocket street bike.

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