I-5 Closed?

they list the track as closed.

does anyone know why??


if it is to change out to a new owner I am all for it. for the last 2 years that track has been one of the worst in SoCal. the track was so badly kept and poorly designed that I and my friends quit ridding there about a year ago. the only reason we rode in the previous year is we were all told it would get better like before (lip service).

problems with insurance since some j/a is suing them. i hear they are trying to get bonded or a bond or something like that, to open up again. but i agree, the prep there has gone down hill. the guy doing it got lazy.

From Proride:

I-5 MX will be back in business this Saturday 4-25-09, hot line # 818-700-3559 :banghead:

According to the web-site and the e-mail I received today. I-5 MX is back OPEN...

-Ride Safe


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