Rev limiter MPH ?

After doing the 3x3 mod with JD kit and extended mixture screw awhile back , I now have had some good seat time and am really getting into ripping the snot out of my 2003 KLX 400 S. It has stock exhaust and gearing and no tach . I am at the point now that I can run through the gears very quickly , but at 41 MPH in first gear , and about 52 MPH in second ,she just stops acelerating and the stacatto sound described by others is heard. Are these the same speeds that others hit the limiter at with similar bikes ?. I just want to be sure that I'm not leaving anything on the table in regards to the jetting and settings. It pulls strongly up to that point , but seems to come up very quickly anymore.



41 in 1st? do have the bike geared?.....if you have trail type gearing your probably bouncing off the limiter....

It has stock street gearing. I just realized how dumb this post looks. I'll save you guys the trouble.OF COURSE its hittin' off the limiter. DUH.

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