well i am coming up on my very first valve clearance check and the dealer mechanic can do it for 100$ and they told me that i can stay and watch and they will teach me step by step on how to do it

i am pretty good at this stuff and understand engines very well, so what i wanted you guys opinion was if i should just do it by myself and make it free or should i pay the shop to teach me and do it for me?

the shop is the nicest, most educated, productive, and most organized shop that i have ever seen... i was very impressed

I would say its prolly going to be a great way to make sure you learn the right way from professionals i am all about doing it myself but a proffesional willing to show me i would always be up for at least for the 100 bucks your getting the work done and learning exactly what to do!

yeah, thats what i was thinking. i bet i could do it correctly but its probably better to get taught by a guy who does it every day

and then i can ask as many questions as i want

If it is just checking them, I think you could work through that yourself. If they are shimming them as well, the $100 is worth the work + Education.

but how will i know if i need to shim them without checking them?

it will be at 10 hours on the first check

Thats why another reason it may be a great idea just cuz what if you check them and they are out of whack and need to shim them and your like oh crap! now you got a guy who can check them and make sure everything is ok plus once you go that far it really is not much to go the extra and shim them so you would be learning most of the process. If they dont need to be shimmed im sure if while its all apart and you just asked the guy hey whats the next step to change the shims he will prolly explain it and not just ignore you

100 bucks for a valve clearance AND to teach you how to do it? thats one hell of a bargain!

just pull the tank, valve cover, and get some pre bent feeler gauges.

its super easy, just slide them in until you get one that fits nicely, the thickest you can go without forcing it in.

get a telescopic magnetic tool, it will pick up the bucket for you, and the shim is right in there.

and if you are going to reshim, make sure you put a couple rags to prevent parts from falling down into the abyss

don't waste your money, you'll feel silly after you do it and see how extremely easy it is

Yeah. I read his website. Thanks for the opinions. I am leaning toward doing it myself

Yeah. I read his website. Thanks for the opinions. I am leaning toward doing it myself

good idea it is very easy :p save that hundred towards a mod

Definetly check them yourself. You will understand more if you do have to take it to the dealer.

Remove the seat, gas tank ( remove fuel line clip from fuel line before you lift gas tank off or you will loose the clip.) , head stay, valve cover breather hose, unclip spark plug lead, pull out plug cap. remove the two screws that hold the hot start lever at the handelbar, feed back the hot start cable so there is clerance to remove the cam cover. Remove the two socket allen screws that hold the Cam cover. Work cover out to ther right side of bike. Now follow manual. there are four dots on the cam sprockets. Remove magenetio inspection cover, Line up the line next to the H with the slot in the inspection cover, if you have the timing correct two dots on the cam sprockets will be vertical and two dots will line up with the edge of the head (refer to manual). I check mine in thousand. any feeler gauge set will work. I take the appropriate gauges and cut the end down for a length of a inch and half so that the gauge is five sixteenths of a inch wide, then remove the burr on the gauge caused by cutting with a sharpeening stone. Intake valve min. clerance .004" I set mine at .500". Exhaust rarely change min. clerance .007" I set the Exhaust to a tight .008" or a loose .007". Remember you are just checking, you can"t screw up anything by just checking. When you put the cam cover back on the manual shows were to apply selant, if you use silcone use it very spareingly, just a thin film in the half circles and the adjacent edge for about a inch either side of the circles. Install the cover, and head stay, install all the head stay bolts before tightening and them, Torque them bottom 40 ft/lbs, top 25 ft/lbs, cam cover 10nm. You will learn much more by doing and then if you must have someone do it you will understand everything they tell you much better.

Good Luck

I wouldn't even bother checking if the bike starts easy.

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