110 fork oil

im not mechanicaly challanged but how much and what weight fork oil dose the stock klx 110 front forks take

You would haveto empty the oil out of the forks into some sort of measuring cup(ratio rite works good) to check and see unless you got, provided they werent leaking, or get a spec from kawasaki. Then you could custom tailor the level from there. I used 250cc's (from 175cc) of 20wt oil in my forks but Im a heavier guy.

20wt Fork oil @ 100mm +/-2mm of air gap Approximately 5.5 oz of oil, with the HD springs out and fork tube compressed

stock is about 89mm +/-2mm air gap and 3.5 oz of oil

once your level is set slowly pump the forks to get the air bubbles out

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