125 2t vs 250 2t

Okay, So here's my bike background.

I had a 2005 yz125 for a few months, raced it in 125 C class and had alot of victories. I sold it and got a 2007 rmz250. I rode it 3 times and when i raced it for the first time, the crank seized on me. So it pretty much blew.

I am NOT fixing that 250f. Wayyyy too much money.

I'd rather go back to two strokes, I can work on those allll day.

So I weight 175-180 lbs. I am 6'1 or so and I race C class, and I'm usually up front.

I really want to ride/race again. I don't know if I should get a 250 2t or a 125 2t. Either way, I can only spend up to 2000 dollars or so.

If you need feedback or more info just ask!

But please help me out here! :p

Well, as long as you are not any heavier than 180, a 125 is still in your range. You are definitely on the big size for a 125, but still with in reason.

So only consider the 250 if you think that the power of a 250 2t will make you faster than the 450's that you will be racing against.

If I were you, I would stick with the 125. Lot's more fun and the light weight of a 125 is really hard to pass up.

well I know that the 250 2t and 250f's run together now, so I'd be planning to run both 125 (125, 250, 250f) and 250(125, 250, 250f, 450) classes.

But, the way I see it, the next bike I get, I'm going to have to keep it for a while.

I was looking at bikes in my area and generally I can find a nice 03-05 bike (250 2t or 125) for 1500-2000.

Do you think that either bike might last longer? And which bike can take me further?

I will have no problem dealing with the smaller amount of power on the 125 or the higher power of the 250.

I really want to have a bike that I will still be able to ride competetivly (spelling?) in B class next season. There's alot on my mind:bonk: haha

I am all about 125's but I think you should go 250. You will be moving up to B class soon it sounds like and the 250 will be more needed there. Sorry to hear your 4t blew up. Glad to see you are going 2t. I am 200 lbs. and love riding 125's. Though top ends are more frequent on a 125, chains, sprockets and tires last longer than a 250. Good luck.

250 :p

125 smokers are definitely a blast to ride, but in your particular situation I believe that I would go ahead and pick up a 250 2t. You seem like a good candidate for a YZ250 to me.

okay so i've found a few bikes in my area. They all look in good condition. I've found everything from a nice 02 bike to a 06 bike. Is there any bike that might be better than the other those years? cause the way i see it, I'm considering either one of the rm's or kx's ive seen. Just because they're cheaper and in better condition. All the yz's either look a little worse (still not bad, but not as good as some of the other brand bikes ive found) and they cost more.

So cheap 02 to 06 250 2t's. They range from 1600-2700. I really need to stay closer to the 2000 price range.

Idk, im a little confused.

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