Which IMS tank on 07. check

Just want to check before I buy as I did a search. This is for an 07 WR 450

I need an IMS 3.1 gal tank to suit a YZ 450/250, 06/08 model to put onto an 07 WR450. I will also need YZ shrouds and an eary model tap as well. Is this all correct?

Also, if anybody has one they want to quit, pm me with details.


All of the info is correct. I didn't replace the petcock at first, I just had the shut off valve closer to the cylinder. The other option is putting on a longer fuel line that would wrap back around. Didn't like it so ended up replacing it.

Sorry, going to keep the tank on the bike a bit longer:smirk:

Is'nt the Clark tank a better option with using the stock WR shrouds?

Curious cause I'm looking to get the larger tank also.

The only negative I have heard about the Clarke is it comes up more in the area of the cap.

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