1991 xr250r side number plates

My 91 xr250r has pretty beat up number plates. They are all scratched up and make the bike look funny. I was wondering if anyone has ever painted or replaced the blue part of the number plates.One side on my bike is a sticker, while the other side is paint. Is that original?

My Left was a sticker and right is painted.

I got some Factory Efex generic number plate material and cut my own. I was able to pull off the old sticker in once piece and use it as a template to cut the new one.


BTW the tank stickers are long gone. The left side lasted for one ride/ layover. and the right side lasted for two rides and 1/2 a trip home.

did you use the sticker on both sides or did you paint one side?

If its not too late, I took my side plates and sanded down the dark purple/blue with a FINE grit sandpaper (didn't remove the blue just scuffed the shinny surface completely), then applied 2 light primer coats then 3 layers of black and 2 clear coats. Go slow and do light coats. lightly sand in between coats for the next coat to stick to. I dont know if this helped, but did it during winter so I used a halogen work lamp to help dry each application (careful with the lamp not to melt plastic but 10" space between the 2). Worked great for me and no rub off from pants and scratches dont effect the paint, gouges, well nothing can prevent those unless your bike is always parked in the garage like a trophy. Been there for about a year and ridden in all types of weather. No cracking or pealing and I am supprised, really thought cracking and pealing would be an issue. See the picture attached. Also I used Krylon - Gray Primer / Krylon - High Gloss Black / Krylon - Clear Coat - got it all on sale at Home Depot... More pics if needed


did you use the sticker on both sides or did you paint one side?

I used a sticker on the airbox side.

Im going to go and pick up some paint today and see how it turns out.


Looks like it turned out very well! Nice job :worthy:

saw that you were buying paint. Is it already painted, if so thats quick. Looks good. Although I saw Redriders post about the sticker. Did your's have stickers for the # plate part. My L had purple blue paint on both panels only the front shroud had a purple blue sticker? Just wondering??? Looks like you need a seat cover. I found 1 on ebay for my bike for $20. I tried to do it my self but didnt have a staple gun with enough power to drive the staple into the plastic. I ended up paying $20 for an auto upholstery guy to do it right.

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