KTM Wheel spacer swap O7 to 02

okay, bought a set of 17's off of a 07 planning on puttin them on my 08, but I just aquired an 02 576 thats LOADED and want to make my street-tard, the rear mounts up fine, front has issues, what is the easiest fix??


You will need to machine a spacer if KTM doesn't. Look at the 07 spacer and figure out what you will need to make the axle size in the new spacer. The factory ones in the new wheels will be your template to take to machine shop. The only other factor will be the brake caliper spacing. I just did an 08 to 98 front wheel and had to take off about 1/16" off one spacer to space the brake rotor in the caliper. Take the new spacers and the old axle to a machine shop. For me the light came on when I had these in hand. There could be other issues with brake lines and fork guards.

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