blown head gasket?

Hey thumpers i need you help.......... i blown my head gasket and when i change it what else do i need to replace? look for? when i have everything open???? thanks for your advice ahead of time keith

Replace everything. Piston,Rings,Check your head for warpage,and the cylinder for warpage. Also do a seal check on your valves while you have it apart. If you have the money have the head rebuilt.

You should also have your cylinder check for roundness also. ( Sorry fogot that the first time).


If the bike feels like it runs good and has good compression when you kick through, just put on a new head gasket. On a car or heavy equipment, its such a big job and expense, it makes sense to do a rebuild while you're there. It's so cheap and easy on this bike, you can always go back in. Do check for obvious causes of a blown head gasket and any erosion it might have caused.

If the bike doesn't feel strong, has lots of hours, or any other symptoms do more work. Otherwise just do it and get back on the trail.

Good luck,


Ditto......What Mark Said

Bonzai :)

Do yourself a favor and use Blackdiamond valves from KMPI. These are the same one piece ss valves that stroker, wb, thumper and Tucker Rocky sell for upwards of 55$ each, buy direct for a savings and get a superior valve to oem.

I know this is a shameless plug, but I used to run their custom department and their stuff is 100% real.

Originally posted by SFO:

Do yourself a favor and use Blackdiamond valves from KMPI. [/url]

Thanks for the tip, I've wondered if SS would be the more durable alternative.

I assume they come with springs or they have the appropriately weighted springs avail?

How are SS valves on the stock seats? For that matter, do '01 and newer bikes w/ Ti valves have different seat material?

Inquiring minds want to know...

On my '01 I have replaced the ti valves with OS SS KMPI valves.

I used the '00 yz springs as they are for the heavier non-ti valves.

I noticed on my second rebuild that the faces of the intakes were wasted.

Oem prices for the ti-valves are like 46$ea intake and 85$ea exhaust if I remeber right.

I can also get a bargain on these badboys and will pass my cost along to anyone who wants it.

Just pm me if you want them.

The stock ti head seats are a cast iron varient and actually are quite compatable with ss valves.

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