headlight / electrical question

bike in questions a DRZ 250, I smashed the original headlight and replaced it with a automotive driving light but of a higher wattage from the original 37.5w (3.12amp draw) to a 55w (4.58amp draw) the bike has a battery and E-start and im not sure if this is putting my new expensive stator at risk of overload/damage i would imagine the battery takes the extra load and at worst im at risk to drain the battery down? I know if it didn't have a battery id be causing damage, just donno how the battery factors into it

Also i added a switch because i dont need a light during the day, would not having the headlight on all the time cause any underloading/overcharging issues?

Im not that familiar with the way the charging system works on this bike!?!?!?

Basically i want to know if i can overload the charging system and cause damage by using a few extra amps for a more powerful headlight, or by turning the headlight off if im gonna overcharge my battery?

Without a wiring diagram I'm pretty much flying blind, but here's a couple of educated guesses:

1) IF the headlight was being used as a ballast resistor to provide a little crude 'regulation' to keep voltages down at high rpm, disconnecting it might not be such a good idea. You might get away with it for a little while, a long time, or forever, I don't know.

2) With the engine running, any extra current being pulled from the battery will ultimately be pulled - or try to be pulled - from the charging coil.

Since you have an automotive light assembly now, have you considered an LED replacement bulb (if available)? It should be at least as bright with a better beam focus, it will pull way less current, and should last pretty much forever even when on all the time.


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