Size and pitch for studs on a '89 KX250?

I've got two studs in the top of the cylinder that hold the head on, that are stripped. The studs are fine, the threads pulled out of the cylinder. That's why I

I've had so much trouble getting the head gasket sealed up on the motor. :p

Can anyone confirm the size and pitch of the threads? If I'm not mistaken, on the newer bikes they are M8x1.25 I looked at a parts fiche, and the description for the stud says it's 8x35, so I'm guessing the studs are the same as the newer ones.

I just orders a pack of helicoils and the tap to put them in. I just hope I got the right ones (M8x1.25). Anything else I should know for I start trying to fix them? Should I use Loctite on them? I've drilled and tapped holes before, but never installed a helicoil. Just how well do these things work? How hard are they to put in?

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