2002 GasGas 400 FSE --- battery problem

Hi there!

the guy im seeing has a 2002 GasGas 400 FSE....

Im trying to get it fixed as a suprise for him as right now we are both taking turns riding my bike... and that means we cant go too far!

As far as i know everything runs awsome except we are having an electrical issue... We placed a brand new battery in it not long ago... got 30 min of riding in on it... turned it off... and went to restart it and there was nothing... no power.. nadda... SO this leads me to belive there is a drain somewhere thats causing the bike to run solely off he battery... and not getting any sort of charge!

(i should probably add one of his buddies went to disconnect the headlight.. and was sucessful.. but later plugged it back in... so maybe something FUBAR'd during that process)

So my question is.. has anyone had this problem.... fixed it??

please help!

Thanks so much for your time!

Sorry I'd just check the usual, charge battery, check for power drain then work around the bike looking for it with a multi meter

This is the first generation FSE, and they had a variety of marginal starter system components and thus starter motor speed was often inadequate. All these components were upgraded by 2004 and this is not an issue on the later versions.

Yes, you should check and likely replace the battery. The early models used a #5 battery, this can be replaced by a #7 battery which is the same size but stronger.

Your first generation FSE has the starter motor in front of the cylinder, later versions have the starter motor behind the cylinder. This in itself may not be important, but the later models used a larger starter motor, a more effective automatic compression release, a lower reduction ratio for the starter gears to improve starter motor torque, and a different starter clutch design. I believe that all of these things can be upgraded on the first generation, but the cost could add up.

Another change that can make a big difference, but at a low cost, is changing from the automatic cam chain tensioner to a manual unit, because the automatic tensioners that GasGas used over-tension the chain and make the engine substantially harder to turn over.

Gofasters.com in the U.S. is quite familiar with these issues and you may want to work with a dealer that has early FSE experience.

I have 250 hours on my first generation and I am in the process of rebuilding it, and part of that project includes some additional starter system upgrades.

I should also add that there are fuses under the seat, if you are not even hearing the starter relay click, you should check the fuses and do some multi-meter checks on the starter relay and related wires/connections.

Yeah I agree with what M Stone says, I have the bigger battery, and keep the Starter motor in good shape, Ive sealed it with silicone as best I can and will take it out to clean it inside from time to time. I have the manual CCT and always start with it in neutral rather than on the clutch, that way it always goes. But if it doesnt it just needs a bit of help, give a dab on the kickstart while the motor is spinning ... works a treat!


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